This company is America's most attractive employer, according to a new study

Google is America's most attractive employer: LinkedIn
Google is America's most attractive employer: LinkedIn

If you're looking for new a job, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start your search.

The job search site is used by more than 433 million members and offers a range of services. One new feature, in particular, has gained major attention with its users.

For the first time ever, LinkedIn compiled a list of the most desirable companies to work for in America, and the top 40 may surprise you. The list was based on LinkedIn's data on job applications, views on companies' career pages, member engagement and retention of new hires.

Claiming the top spot on the inaugural list was Google, a technology company that is known for its internet-related services and products.

LinkedIn's top 20 most attractive employers

To learn more about how the list was curated and other companies earning a spot on the coveted list, check out the video above.

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