Salt your watermelon this summer

How to Make Watermelon and Brie Bites With Balsamic Glaze
How to Make Watermelon and Brie Bites With Balsamic Glaze

Here's a handy tip for your next cookout: Salt your watermelon.

Why? Salt bumps up the fruit's sweetness and enhances its flavor.

"A little bit of salt can enhance the sweet taste of things," Guy Crosby, an adjunct professor in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, said over the phone.

Learn this crazy watermelon trick for your next party:

A sprinkling of salt packs a one-two punch when it comes to everyone's favorite pink melon: It significantly heightens the subtle sweetness of watermelon and also masks any bitterness, Crosby said.

Heck, salt also works like a charm on fresh tomatoes, too. (Tomatoes are a fruit, FYI.) "Almost all kind of fruit has that similar effect, especially those fruit that aren't overwhelmingly sweet," Crosby said.

Ready to level up your watermelon game even more?

Pair juicy watermelon with feta cheese, which is naturally salty. Crosby recommended adding in fresh mint, too. The fresh minty scent will provide a tantalizing aroma that magnifies how the brain experiences flavor.

This is what dreams are made of, people.

Watermelon will never be the same. Now go forth and impress your BBQ guests.

Salt Your Watermelon This Summer
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