Richard Jefferson retires in Cavaliers locker room after NBA Finals

NBA Finals Best Images
NBA Finals Best Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers are somehow, someway NBA champions. LeBron James' prophecy has been fully realized, and the city is alive for the first time in years.

Usually, Cleveland is so bad that people retire to escape it's vortex of suck. But for once, the Cleveland Cavaliers are so good that players just can't handle trying to top how great they feel playing for the team.

Richard Jefferson is one of those players.

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While he could have just been speaking in the heat of the moment, it sounded like Richard Jefferson retired in the locker room after winning the NBA Finals with Cleveland.

Jefferson had never won an NBA title before this, but now that he finally has his ring it appears he's going out on top.

Jefferson was a journeyman in his career and he earned his ring with the Cavaliers. Usually, veterans tag along a title-bound team to collect a ring. But Jefferson contributed in big ways in the NBA Finals, turning back the clock on more than one occasion to remind us that he was a part of this team, not just along for the ride.


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