Remember 'All That' alum, Josh Server? Well, he's all grown up and super, super hot now

Ready Yet? Get Set. It's an 'All That' Reunion!
Ready Yet? Get Set. It's an 'All That' Reunion!

What we wouldn't give to travel back to the '90s.

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While adult TV was clearly in its prime, TV for kids during this era was the bomb dot com, more specifically, Nickelodeon's "All That." Of course, as many of us remember, "All That" was basically Nick's answer to NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

After looking back at some of the cast, we couldn't help but wonder, what has Josh Server been up to? Josh, pictured above on the bottom right, was absolutely hilarious on the show. You might remember his famous character in the pic below.

We did some digging and you are going to be extremely happy with what we found. Check out what Josh looks like now.

Not enough for ya? Just check out these other pics from his Instagram.

Yeah, you're welcome. According to his IMDb page, the 37 year old actor has stayed busy since his "All That" days.

Of course, you probably remember him from "Good Burger," but he's also made cameos in "Ned's Declassified," "Sam & Cat" and "Drake & Josh," all of which are part of the Nick family. Currently, Server is set to star in the horror flick, "The Sluagh."

Besides following the actor on social media for the obvious reasons (just see the above again), Server also posts some hilarious throwback pics as well!

You could check out reruns of "All That" and all your favorite '90s Nickelodeon content on "The Splat!"

Check out more from your favorite decade in the gallery below!

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