OnlyOnAOL: Why Jill Kargman 'feels odd sometimes'

Jill Kargman and Abby Elliott LIVE on AOL BUILD
Jill Kargman and Abby Elliott LIVE on AOL BUILD

By: Donna Freydkin

On "Odd Mom Out," they're frenemies. In real life, says Jill Kargman, she and her on-screen sister-in-law Abby Elliott adore one another. In fact, the "Saturday Night Live" alumna, who is engaged to writer Bill Kennedy, was at the top of Kargman's casting wish-list.

Now, they're back for another installment of the comedy series. This time, Kargman's Jill tries to go back to work, and Elliott's Brooke winds up as the unlikely mogul running her own fashion empire.

"I think in season two, it's coming together as a family. How you move forward," says Elliott of the upcoming plot twists and turns. "Everything is what not to do as a parent."

AOL Build Presents "Odd Mom Out"
AOL Build Presents "Odd Mom Out"

Kargman is honest in her depiction of parenthood, petty jealousies and postpartum depression and all.

"I'm the happiest person I know. I never get depressed. I was sobbing for no reason," says Kargman. "I know so many who had it."

The response to the show has been universally positive, even from Kargman's fellow Upper East Side mothers.

"I never get, 'How dare you.' It's weird. A lot of people assume I would and it's all fist-bumps and high-fives," says Kargman.

That's because, says the mom of three, "everyone feels odd sometimes."