NFL team fills rookie's car with 60,000 packs of fruit snacks

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German Vikings Rookie Faces Steep Learning Curve

Laquon Treadwell, a rookie for the Minnesota Vikings, received an unconventional birthday present from his teammates -- 60,000 packs of Welch's fruit snacks packed into his car.

The up-and-coming running back posted a video of the scene to Instagram.

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"This what happens when your [sic] rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.." he wrote.

The video shows Treadwell's car doors open and filled with fruit snacks, and surrounded on all sides by cardboard boxes of fruit chews.

Rather than clean up the mess, he tried to climb into the car, and eventually just lounged amidst the thousands of blue packages.

Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph posted a photograph of the birthday boy exiting the vehicle.

"Happy 21st #birthday@successfulquon! 60,000 packs of @welchsfruitsnck should hold you over! @teddyb_h2o #SKOL," he wrote.

Based on that evidence, it appears he and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater were behind the fruity prank.

According to SB Nation, if Treadwell eats three bags of fruit snacks per day (one with every meal), it would take him 54 years to finish the supply.

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