'Monica the Medium' star Monica Ten-Kate reveals her most awkward reading

'Monica the Medium' Will Blow Your Mind with This Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek
'Monica the Medium' Will Blow Your Mind with This Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek

By: Chelsea Huang

On "Monica the Medium," Monica Ten-Kate, who connects with the dead, frequently delivers sit-down readings or approaches strangers on the street with messages from loved ones who have passed -- but sometimes, "Spirit" just can't wait.

In addition to incidents she wouldn't reveal on camera, the 23-year-old medium dished to AOL about the most "inopportune" times Spirit has come through -- and perhaps the most bizarre readings she has ever given.

"A couple of years ago, I was in a steam room in a towel, and it was like through the fog of steam. There was another person in a towel and I'm like bringing through their dad or whoever was coming through," she said. "And then another time -- it was a night out at Penn State, and we were at the bar ... And I'm giving a message through the bathroom stall ... She might have been a little drunk but she was really connecting with the messages."

Monica, who was tipsy at the time, revealed that having a glass or two of wine can actually help her give readings. (But she absolutely won't give readings drunk for ethical reasons.)

"[Having a little bit of wine] almost makes the reading stronger or Spirit come through stronger. The same way with anything you're doing where you have to be confident," she said. "I have to trust so much of what's coming through, but I'm human. Sometimes I second-guess or question what's coming through or whatnot. And so when you've maybe had a glass or two you don't really filter ever like I don't question it and I just let it out."

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Monica, whose Freeform show first followed her as a student at Penn State before she moved to San Diego with friends, receives messages from the dead through the senses, usually sound and visual images like movies playing in her mind.

"For me, I hear, sense and see things and then I will also sometimes just know certain information — I call that kind of like Spirit vomit, like it will just come out of my mouth and I'll just be like oh my gosh where did that even come from," she said.

She even has "Spirit homies" on the other side that help her out and cheer her on.

"Some of the first initial readings I had given friends who had lost a dad or a mom some messages. Their parents, their loved ones stuck with me to this day as 'cheerleaders' on the other side in helping me and my energy before every session that I go into," she said.

While every story that Monica encounters is unique, many people will be happy to learn that those who passed from illness or disability don't bear that burden in the afterlife.

"I can tell you time and time and time again, when Spirit comes through, they acknowledge that here in this lifetime in this physical world, it's kind of like our physical body is a car that we're leasing and when we transition, we are getting out of that car ... " she said. "What's important is the soul that lives on, and that carries no illness, no pain, they are absolutely whole again."

Ever since she "came out of the medium closet," Monica has been exposed to a ton of skepticism and hate from people who can't comprehend or grapple with her gift. But she welcomes the doubt and admits she would be skeptical, too, if she wasn't the one doing it.

Being on "Monica the Medium," which reaches millions of people, has opened her up to a greater group of skeptics, but it's nothing she can't handle.

"It doesn't matter how many thousands of readings you've done, how much validation you've given, all the healing that you've shared with people, it comes with the title. You say you're a medium, you're always going to have the skeptics. I just have to not dwell on that side of things and focus on sharing it with people who do want it and who are open to it."

Check out our full interview with Monica below.

"Monica the Medium" airs on Freeform Mondays 10 p.m. EST

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