Happy 21st birthday! Here are 60,000 packs of fruit snacks.

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The next time you're struggling to find your friend the perfect birthday present, consider filling their car with 60,000 packs of Welch's fruit snacks.

That's the sweet and unconventional way the Minnesota Vikings chose to celebrate their rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell's 21st birthday.

As you can imagine, the final results were pretty impressive.

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Treadwell posted a video of the idyllic scene to Instagram captioned, "This what happens when your [sic] rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.."

The video shows Treadwell's car β€” doors opened and filled with fruit snacks. The vehicle was surrounded by cardboard boxes and was overflowing with beautiful blue packs of the fruit chews you raced to buy from the vending machine in middle school.

Rather than cleaning out his car, Treadwell hopped in there and basked in the glory of all of his fruit snacks.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph posted a photograph of Treadwell gracefully exiting his fruit snack-filled vehicle with the caption, "Happy 21st #birthday@successfulquon! 60,000 packs of @welchsfruitsnck should hold you over! @teddyb_h2o #SKOL"

It appears as though he and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater were behind the prank.

If this is the "rookie treatment," we open it with open arms and empty stomachs.

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