Fat dog named 'Kale Chips' loses weight, gains new family

Fat Dog Named 'Kale Chips' Loses Weight, Gains New Family
Fat Dog Named 'Kale Chips' Loses Weight, Gains New Family

Since being deemed a "superfood," kale chips have been all the rage in the healthy food movement.

A dog named Kale Chips, however, must have overdone it, because the pup was certainly packing on the pounds.

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That is, until recently, when Kale Chips made an amazing transformation! He lost the extra weight and gained a new family.

Kale Chips arrived at a Chicago-based animal rescue center, One Tail at a Time, after his elderly owner could no longer care for him.

The chubby beagle clocked in at a whopping 85 pounds. Keep in mind, the target weight for the breed is around 21 pounds.

Kale Chips was so heavy when he was first taken in from animal control that he had to be wheeled out!

Staffers at One Tail at a Time put an end to his unhealthy lifestyle and put Kale Chips on a strict diet!

Thanks to all the nutritious dog food, fruits and veggies, the weight started to melt right off. Kale Chips even took up swimming to help burn those extra calories.

The pooch went from 85 pounds down to just 44 pounds, bringing him to a total loss of 41 pounds!

Add the addition of a family to that amazing transformation, and you figure Kale Chips must be on cloud nine.

The animal rescue posted to its Facebook page that Kale Chips will be staying at his foster home indefinitely.

They call this a "foster fail," because his caretakers loved him so much, they decided to make him a permanent addition to the family!

Someone needs to make this dog a #fitspo Instagram.

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