Billy Eichner accuses Ross Mathews of ripping off 'Billy on the Street'

Billy Eichner Discusses TruTV's "Billy On The Street"
Billy Eichner Discusses TruTV's "Billy On The Street"

Billy Eichner and Ross Mathews traded insults Friday on Twitter over a CapitalOne commercial starring Mathews that bears similarities to Eichner's Billy on the Street.

Eichner called out both CapitalOne and Mathews in a tweet, calling the commercial yet another "ripoff" of his truTV show. "I usually ignore but this one is SHAMELESS and PATHETIC. (And not funny)," he wrote. Another follow-up tweet read, "Don't steal from my f—ing show. This is stolen intellectual property. F— YOU."

In the spot, Mathews plays a trivia game with pedestrians about CapitalOne's credit card options, Quicksilver and Venture. The talk-show host took to Twitter himself to address Eichner's accusations, writing in response: "I've been doing man on the street interviews since 2001. I've never even seen your stuff. Bless your heart."

Mathews also tweeted, "I came before you. I agree you're funnier, but you're also a dick."

See Eichner and Mathews' Twitter exchange below.

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