18 ways to save $100 this week

How to Save $100 This Week
How to Save $100 This Week

Does this sound familiar? Every month you set a goal to save a small portion of your income, only to realize at month's end that there's nothing left to save.

Where does it go? Well, there are the necessities like the rent or house payment, utilities and food. But most of us manage to fritter away money on lots of little things, treats, small luxuries, inefficient use of resources.

The good news about that is that if you can identify a lot of these little leaks in your finances, you can quickly save some money. The other good news is that while many of these expenditures bring a little joy or comfort, they're also totally unnecessary.

Once you have scraped together some savings, you can get it to earn more money for you. Check out: "How to Get Started Investing When You Don't Have Much Money."

You can turn it into a game by going through this list of 18 ways to save, and seeing how many of them you can cut in a week. Most of us could easily save a hundred bucks by employing these tricks. You may be able save much more.

If you're in a bind or just want to stash a little extra cash, here's how to make your savings grow:

What costs could you cut or leaks in your finances could you plug? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

Kari Huus contributed to this post.

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