Man in India reportedly dies while watching 'The Conjuring 2'

Man Dies From Stroke While Watching The Conjuring 2
Man Dies From Stroke While Watching The Conjuring 2

A movie was so terrifying, it might have killed a man.

That's what reportedly happened in Tiruvannamalai, a small town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, to a 65-year-old watching the horror flick, The Conjuring 2. According to Times of India, the man complained of heart pains and fainted near the movie's climax.

Making the story even scarier, the man, who authorities are still trying to identify, died and then disappeared. The publication says the person handling the cadaver could have made an escape with the body.

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The movie, released in theaters worldwide, is a sequel to the 2013 original starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The two played paranormal investigators who document the Amityville murders in 1976. In The Conjuring 2, they travel to London to investigate a family that is possessed by spirits.

Already, the film has received stellar reviews from terrified critics.

"A freakier follow-up featuring creepy kids, villains who'll keep you up at night and camerawork that puts moviegoers in a state of impending dread," said USA Today.

It's still not clear exactly what happened in Tiruvannamalai. But that doesn't mean we're not spooked by it. And no, we won't be watching this horror flick – ever.

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