French TV network simulates teleportation with stunning visual trick

Switzerland and France draw 0-0 at Euro 2016
Switzerland and France draw 0-0 at Euro 2016

What you are about to see isn't actual teleportation. But it might be the closest humans have ever come.

Before a Euro 2016 match between France and Switzerland, a French TV network was covering the game with in-studio conversation -- until the actual pitch was brought into the studio. Or, maybe vice versa.

Watch, in the video below, the host chat with an on-field reporter via a giant television screen. Until she walks up to the screen, steps over the frame and joins the reporter on the soccer field.

Weird! We know the host wasn't actually at the game, but do we have any proof that the reporter was?

Thanks to social media, we do.

Carine Galli, the sideline reporter on the screen, tweeted photographic proof that she was, in fact, in attendance for the match.

Not the conventional route to covering a soccer game, but it certainly got its viewers intrigued leading up to the big game. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

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