Turns out, Dad probably wants a gift card For Father's Day

Turns Out, Dad Probably Wants A Gift Card For Father's Day
Turns Out, Dad Probably Wants A Gift Card For Father's Day

By: Scott Knowlton/Buzz60

There are 68 million fathers in the United States, so Father's Day has a lot of people opening their wallets. Americans shell out $13 billion dollars for dads, with an average of $116 per present.
While father may know best, Mom is the one raking in the goods, however, with almost $18 billion spent on Mother's Day.Seems like the kids really do want to spend time with dear old dad though, because almost $2 billion is spent on special outings for the family to enjoy together.

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Clothing makes up $1.3 billion of that spending. Hopefully that's not just socks and ties! And since boys do love their toys, even after they've grown up, $1 billion is spent on electronics for Dad to play with.
While he appreciates the thought, dads would apparently much rather shop for themselves. 37% of fathers are hoping for a gift card for their own buying pleasure. And even if Dad has put on a little in the middle, don't get him a gym membership, unless he's in that 8% minority who thinks that's okay.