Controversial California brewery will get new name

Owner To Change Name of Brewery After Rocks Thrown Through Window

GALT (KTXL) -- The owners of a local brewery that sparked outrage for its name that, on the surface, appeared to mock developmentally disabled people, have now decided to change the name entirely.

The reversal comes less than 48 hours after someone vandalized Special Ed's Brewery in the early morning hours Wednesday. Two softball-size rocks were used to smash one of the front windows, which has taken some of the wind out of the sails of co-owner Ed Mason.

"We're trying to regroup, gather up, you know, get our sense of humor back and move on," Mason said Thursday evening.

The past week has been rough for the 57-year-old Galt native. Last Thursday, Mason started to hear on social media that the name Special Ed's was offensive to some.

"I know now how that seems, and I've apologized for it numerous times, and I hope people think I'm sincere because I am," Mason said.

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What helped change his mind was a meeting Monday night with several Galt residents who were concerned about the name. According to Mason, Special Ed's was just a play on his name. But following the meeting with the community and the recent vandalism, Mason confirmed to FOX40 that his brewery was changing its name. Mason had gone as far as to white out the words "Special Ed's" on his banner and logo.

"We've got an idea. We think it's good, we think people will like it. It's more of a generational-mode of who likes it, and who doesn't," he said.

Mason won't reveal the name until he's sure no one else is using it. But one thing is for sure. His name won't be part of the brewery's new identity.

"I never wanted my name out there," said Mason. "I just wanted a quiet, little hole where my friends and I could come around and talk about beer, drink some beer and talk about making beer."

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