We're gonna need a bigger GoPro: Spearfisherman captures shark attack in vivid footage

Watch The Heart-Stopping Moment a Fisherman Gets Attacked By a Shark
Watch The Heart-Stopping Moment a Fisherman Gets Attacked By a Shark

A shark turned the tables on a spearfisherman as the sea predator tried to take a bite out of him off the northwest coast of Australia, and the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

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Brad Vale, of Albany, Australia, was with a crew of other divers on the hunt for mackerel when they came upon the nearly 5-foot shark, who Vale says had been too close for too long.

"He was hanging around all seven divers getting too close and then he met me on the bottom," Vale said.

Vale's GoPro camera was recording when the shark charged, at which point he tried to shove his spear into the fish, but missed.

"I didnt spear the shark. He came too close, so I jabbed him like all spearfisherman do," said Vale.

Immediately the shark attacked and latched himself onto the 19-year-old's torso, which led him to quickly swim towards the surface.

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Vale said he's experienced at the job, but never expected a shark to actually sink its teeth into him.

"I've been diving for two years and dealt with many sharks but never had one turn like that," Vale told InsideEdition.com.

Vale was visibly shaken, but came out of the incident unharmed.

Despite the heart-pounding nature of the video, Vale said he wasn't hurt or scared as a result of the attack.

"I wasn't injured — it just put a hole in my wetsuit," the diver recounted.

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