Trying to figure out which building is closer to the camera in this photo might drive you insane

First, we had #TheDress, then #TheJacket and now, we may have #TheBuildings.

The latest puzzling photo driving the internet insane seems pretty straight forward at first glance ... it's only upon second (and third, and maybe fourth) glance that this image becomes positively dumbfounding.

Take a look at these buildings and answer one simple question: Which one is closer to the camera?

Which one is nearer? from opticalillusions

Though it appears this photo has been floating around for a couple years, thanks to Reddit user jennaflores, it has started recirculating, reopening old wounds and unburying hatchets all over the web.

"I think the shadowy one is in front, because the shadowy satellite dish mounted on it goes in front of the light building," said Redditor ZepherusYT. "Also, the undersides of the ledges on the shadowy building are visible, not possible if the lighter one was at the front."

A heated debate in the comment section of the same photo shared on 9Gag shows a little bit of a different consensus.

In light of the rekindled debate, we think it's time to settle this, once and for all.

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