Officers create human chain to rescue drowning pup

Drowning dog saved from canal in Peru
Drowning dog saved from canal in Peru

A Peruvian dog found itself in quite the pickle this week when he became stranded in a canal in the city of Trujillo.

What could have been a tragic situation turned into a viral one when local police rallied together to rescue the drowning canine.

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Captured on video, one of the officers can be seen stripping down to his underwear before jumping into the water to grab ahold of the pooch.

To get them both up safely, his colleagues formed a human-chain through which the rescuing officer passed the dog up, ensuring that the dog makes it to dry land.

The officer in the water then used a rope to pull himself up out of the canal.

The dog then shakes himself off and looks at his rescuers with a glance that most definitely says, "THANKS GUYS!" before casually skipping off into the distance.

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