NeNe Leakes reveals she had another nose job

NeNe Leakes Says She Got a Nose Job Again
NeNe Leakes Says She Got a Nose Job Again

NeNe Leakes just dished that she has gotten a nose job again.

The 48-year-old reality star told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live!" that she had to get her sniffer redone for a medical reason, not for cosmetic purposes.

"My cartilage was growing in my nose," NeNe explained. "I only had my nostrils taken in on the side the very first time."

Fans were speculating that the "Real Housewives" star had gone under the knife again after she debuted what appeared to be a brand new look late last week. Her cosmetic evolution started out quite some time ago, but that being said, she has no time for haters.

"I would never just do my nose just for the purpose of doing my nose," she admitted. "I didn't love my nose [before the first procedure] and I wanted to do my nose to make it more beautiful for myself."

"People are constantly judging and picking people apart. It's absolutely horrible," she added. "I got my nose done first of all because I can and I will and I will get it done again if I want to."

And just like that she closed the door on nose-gate.

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