Mitt Romney dresses up as a Mexican wrestler, flashes his dad bod for charity

GOP elite meet at Romney annual summit
GOP elite meet at Romney annual summit

Look out -- it's Maccchoooooooooo Mitttttttt Romneyyyyyyy!

Mitt Romney took charity-goers by surprise last week when he jumped into the boxing ring dressed as Mexican wrestler Nacho Libre at a charity function -- and no, this is not a joke.

The former presidential candidate crept into the ring last Saturday clad in skintight blue tights, a red speedo and cap, and a matching mask. At the time, nobody in the audience had any idea who was behind the mask.

In a hilarious video of the event, Romney flexes his muscles (welcome to the meat factory!) before he begins to take down the baddies one blow at a time. Then the baddies corner him and demand, "Who are you?" before they unmask him and the crowd goes absolutely wild when they find out it is the former Massachusetts governor.

Naturally, after he does a little victory lap and gives out a few presidential-looking waves to the audience, he's crowned the winner of the showdown. He raises his hands in victory and gave us all a really good look at his dad bod. The 69-year-old isn't in bad shape, sans a few rolls around the tummy.

WATCH: See Mitt Romney in action in the video below

Dad bod and bad moves aside, the event was all for a good cause. It benefited CharityVision International, a nonprofit that fights against blindness in developing nations. The organization is run by Romney's son, Josh.

This also isn't Romney's first rodeo in the ring. Last year he "boxed" aka danced around former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

Is this what Bernie Sanders has to look forward to?

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