Injured Indian star tortoise picks up speed after getting new wheels

Miniature Jurassic Park For My Tortoise
Miniature Jurassic Park For My Tortoise

Despite losing a front leg in a mongoose attack, a two-year-old Indian star tortoise is faster than ever. The injured tortoise has been fitted with a new set of wheels that allow her to reach her food before than any of her tortoise friends.

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A resident of the the Araingar Anna Zoological park in Chennai, the female tortoise lost its right front leg after being bitten by a mongoose from a nearby forest. When the zoo noticed that she was unable to move or eat, she was taken for a 30-minute operation where veterinarians fitted a prosthetic wheel on the underside of her shell.

Soon afterwards, the female tortoise was back on its feet. The lightweight wheels help her move around with ease, and have even made her faster than the 14 other tortoises in the zoo.

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