Canadian officials vote to make national anthem gender neutral

Canadian Officials Vote To Make National Anthem Gender Neutral

On Wednesday, Canada's House of Commons voted in favor of a bill that proposed the national anthem, 'O Canada,' be made more gender neutral, reports The Atlantic.

The line in question is the 3rd, which reads, "True patriot's love in all thy sons command..."

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Going forward, many would prefer, "of us" be used in place of "thy sons."

The bill was passed for the English-language version, which was penned in 1908, notes The Guardian.

As the French version of the anthem does not contain such gender-specific language, it will carry on as is.

While the House proved to be overwhelmingly in favor of the change, approving the bill with a vote of 225 to 74, citizens have been less in agreement about the adjustment, according to CTV News.

The bill will next go to the Senate for debate.

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