Bird swallows tweezers and survives

Bird Swallows a Tweezers and Survives
Bird Swallows a Tweezers and Survives

By: Keri Lumm/Amanda Kabbabe

Kids who've eaten their way into a stomach ache often hear that their eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

One bird clearly never had a bad buffet experience, which led him to make the biggest mistake of his life: eating an entire pair of tweezers.

The RSCPA Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire, England shared photos of a small jackdaw who accidentally swallowed the tweezers whole.

They were bigger than the bird itself!

Jackdaws are attracted to shiny objects, and when he decided to pick them up, they slipped right down his throat.

That might also have been your excuse for eating all the cookies at the last Christmas party.

Vets at the RSCPA performed an intricate surgery to remove the tweezers from the bird's stomach. It leaves you questioning whether they had to use tweezers for the extraction itself.

Fortunately, the little bird is doing well. Hopefully, he's learned his lesson and will stick to worms or something that isn't metal and equal to his size.