All dads are's what they do

Dads are Embarrassing, Just Ask These Children
Dads are Embarrassing, Just Ask These Children

The one trait all dads have is that they're embarrassing. Every single one of them. It's just known that in order to be a dad, you must go out of your way to humiliate your child. That means dancing in front of your friends when they're over your house. That means screaming 'I LOVE YOU' at the top of his lungs when he drops you off at school. Of course, the window just happens to be down.That means not knowing the hippest band and forgetting your friends' names, in front of them.That means wearing high white socks, making the weirdest noises at the gym, and always conversing with waiters/tourists/other people who really don't need to hear his life story.

But that also means waking up early to make your kids pancakes on their first day of school. Being a father means running out to get a last minute poster boards at 11 pm. It means staying up late to edit college essays, and letting you have ice cream for dinner behind mom's back.

Happy Father's day to our biggest cheerleaders and our best friends.

May you always embarrass us.

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