Megan Batoon gushes about life on set of "Making Moves"

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Megan Batoon may be involved with a number of projects including managing her viral YouTube career, but at the end of the day, Batoon is -- and will always be -- a dancer at heart. So when a project comes along that gets to highlight Batoon's incredible moves, it's not only great news for the young performer, but also for her over half a million fans who can't get enough of watching her perform.

Enter "Making Moves," a nine-episode series by Fullscreen. Channeling "Step Up" vibes, "Making Moves" follows an aspiring dancer named Ethan as he moves to Hollywood to launch his career. Set to the choreography of two-time Emmy nominated "So You Think You Can Dance" icon Christopher Scott, the show features intense scripted drama and dance battles to match. Batoon, who plays Bridget, brings her A game to the series, delivering hard-hitting dance routines and her infectious personality to the screen.

We recently sat down with Megan Batoon to talk about her newest project, "Making Moves," what she took away from life on set, and more!

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Talk to me about how your newest series "Making Moves" came about?
"Making Moves" came from John Swetnam. I auditioned for his movie "Breaking Through" and I booked a role which wasn't what I initially auditioned for. I ended up being a dancer which was such a great experience. Just being able to work with John was incredible because he's so smart and so talented. He then came to me with the idea of bringing me in with my personality and tweaking it for the camera for "Making Moves." So I'm happy he did that since it was so much fun working with him again.

What was your biggest takeaway from working on "Making Moves?"
I think I just enjoyed that I had an opportunity to work on such a great project and still be able to be who I am.

Where do you see the progression of your career going in the next few years?
Hopefully very far up! I'm working really hard in a lot of different avenues right now and everything is just a bigger showcase of who I am and what I'm like. My videos have become very personality-driven and very comedic. If It's not comedy it probably won't be on my channel. I've also got into blogging, so doing DIYs and outfits of the day, and hopefully something comes out of that. I would love to create my own apparel line, travel accessories, phone cases -- basically everything! I want to be in a huge retailer -- I would love to work with Target. But other than that, I'm really focused on hosting and acting jobs that fall in line with my personality.

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