Long live blue jeans and white tees

The 20 Best Denim Moments of The 90s
The 20 Best Denim Moments of The 90s

Diane von Furstenberg once said, 'Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.'

What started as miner's wear stands as a fashion staple today. Over the decades, we saw a wild transformation: 'Greasers' boasted them, Marilyn Monroe flaunted them on set, and they became a predominate style during the hippie era. Now distressed, skinny, boyfriend, faded jeans and so on are closet must-haves.

And if we want to make the blue jeans even more classic, just pair it with a white tee, à la Simon Cowell.

The combo is frequent pairing everywhere. If you're not onboard (who isn't?), need to be reminded on the looks' immortality, or are doubting its aesthetics (we all do occasionally), this list is for you.

It's versatile

Wear it for any season, for any occasion. A white shirt and jeans are staples in and of itself. Everyone has the basic white tee folded up somewhere. And jeans are just jeans.

It's plain (in the best way)

Meaning, you have the ability to make it your own. Add jewelry to dress it up. Add sunglasses to make it more casual. Unbutton the white button down, tuck it in. Wear it to the mall, wear it to dinner. Wear it with sandals, wear it with heels, wear it with boots. Just wear it.

It's comfortable

Which is probably why it's so versatile. Cowboys rode horses in jeans...so that's saying something. Make sure they're comfortable. A good pair can go a long way.

It's timeless

...If you didn't understand that already, then you're not doing it right.

It's cute and simple. It's easy. It's effortless. And it's still cute.

Who knew Simon Cowell could give us such major style inspo? While fads may come and go, may jeans live on forever.

Scroll through below to see how celebs style this forever look:

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