Granny fights off kidnapper with perfume and a kick

Granny Fights Off Kidnapper With Perfume and A Kick
Granny Fights Off Kidnapper With Perfume and A Kick

Note to all aspiring granny-nappers: pick on somebody your own age!

A 61-year-old Ohio grandmother used a bottle of perfume and a nice hard kick to fend off a kidnapper.

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As Joyce Kenney stepped out of her home in Middletown, a masked stranger grabbed her from behind and forced her to drive him around in her car.

First, Kenney tried driving erratically at 80 mph in hopes that a police officer would pull her over.

When that tactic didn't yield results, Kenney got another idea.

She remembered she had a bottle of Bath and Body Works body spray in the side pocket of her Toyota Yaris.

Kenney grabbed the fragrance, sprayed the kidnapper in the eyes and swiftly kicked him as hard as she could.

She says he went right out the passenger door and "bounced on the street."

After driving to a nearby gas station, Kenney called the police and waited for officers to arrive.

The suspect was wearing a ski mask and is still at large, but Grandma Kenney's not worried.

Her daughter told her since she's pretty good at spraying, it's about time she was gifted with some mace.

I wonder which Bath & Body Works spray is more painful: warm vanilla brown sugar or sweet pea?