Dogs and their dads get a special Father's Day photo shoot

These Doggy Daddy Look Alike Photos for Father's Day Will Make You Smile
These Doggy Daddy Look Alike Photos for Father's Day Will Make You Smile

New York City-based photographer Chantal Adair has captivated the internet with these hilarious and endearing photos of dogs and their daddy owners in honor of Father's Day.

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The pictures portray a series of men seemingly going about their daily life and enjoying their usual routines with their loyal canine friends by their side.

"It's pretty much any sort of activity a father and a human child would have, a picture of two having coffee together, trying eat together..." Adair told

Take a peek at these adorable pairs:

The photographer includes an array of different men and dogs in her shoot, ones she says were spotted on the street, known personally, or found through Instagram.

Adair says Father's Day has always been a special time for her, as her own father passed away when she was just 12, making this day in particular one of remembrance.

The woman behind the popular account Dog Stylist, Adair found her calling in dog photography after discovering the world of fashion modeling wasn't for her, opting for comedy and photography instead.

Dressing the dogs and their dads in matching outfits is just another way to show the adorable bond and similarities between dog and dad.

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"I get to kind of make fun of humans through the dog postings, and show the love for their owners the dogs have. It's funny, the longer you have them [dogs] the more you look like them," Adair told

The charming photos are sure to make their mark on the Internet come Father's Day, and are just another example of why a dog is indeed "man's best friend."

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