Couple's sonogram image suggests their baby might actually be a car

Couple's Sonogram Image Suggests Their Baby Might Actually Be A Car
Couple's Sonogram Image Suggests Their Baby Might Actually Be A Car

Parents can have high expectations going into an ultrasound appointment.

Some couples want a girl, some would prefer a boy, but one expecting duo got the shock of a lifetime when they learned that their little bundle of joy was actually just a tiny little sports car.

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Well, that's what it looked like anyways.

When the ultrasound technician showed the Missouri couple the sonogram, the father-to-be, Mike Roberts, couldn't help but point out how much his unborn child looked like an exotic automobile.

The model he saw in the black and white image? A Bugatti, naturally.

Since the appointment, Mike has since posted the image on Reddit, where the internet proceeded to have a heyday commenting on the couple's "baby" car.

"Looks more like an SUV or minivan...congrats though!" said one user. Another was quick to shell out advice for a name, saying, "If it's a boy you should name him Chevy!"

The post has since gone viral, racking up 5,123 upvotes and some 500 comments from users eager to leave punny comments on their baby-to-be's image.

The only real insight Mike, also known on Reddit as brewhaus3223, provides is that their child is due September 20th, with his wife adding, "We know it's a boy car."

This baby's not even born yet and it's clear that he's going places.