6 email phrases that will get you flagged at Goldman Sachs

What gets an email flagged at Goldman
What gets an email flagged at Goldman

Proper email etiquette is absolutely necessary when it comes to succeeding and excelling in your career.

Most people know the basics -- don't use abbreviations, don't use slang terms to someone higher up and most definitely do not use profanity.

You would think that even those at a company as reputable as Goldman Sachs would be familiar with these rules.

But as CNBC reports, not quite.

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Per a list obtained from Goldman Sachs, CNBC was able to find out six of the most commonly flagged email phrases in the GS database.

The company uses an automated software that scans emails for potential red flags that could be potential cause for concern.

The flagged messages are then reviewed by the compliance department to see whether or not the message needs to be addressed further.

Click through to see six major email phrases that are flagged by the Goldman Sachs software:

Some of these phrases are flagged for profanity and inappropriate behavior, while others raise a flag for over-promising and more serious manners.

Regardless of what industry you work in or what company you work for, it's always better to err on the side of caution -- if you have to question what you're writing at all, don't write it!

Check out the CNBC video above to learn more.

A look at the Goldman Sachs trading floor in New York:

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