15 best-selling celebrity biographies and memoirs on Amazon

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines On "Fixer Upper"
Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines On "Fixer Upper"

Looking for something to read this summer?

There's arguably no better beach read than intimate looks into some of the world's most famous faces -- their secrets, lies and off-camera personas. Look no further than some of the best-selling biographies and memoirs of the rich and famous.

Here we've compiled the top 15 ... Happy reading!

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15. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder

Warren Buffett, one of the "nice guys" in entrepreneurship, never wrote a memoir, but allowed Alice Schroeder to have unprecedented access to him, his friends, colleagues and more. Dive in to learn about one of the most respected men in the world.

14. Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian

From being called the "Fat One" and being overshadowed by her famous sisters to totally coming into her own, the most outspoken Kardashian brings her "tell it like it is" candor onto the page and shares her secrets for finding strength of body, mind and heart with stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and self-image.

Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times by Thomas Hauser

Heralded by the New York Times as "the first definitive biography of the boxer who transcended sports as no other athlete ever has," it's a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the legacy of one of the most charismatic and controversial superstars through sweeping interviews with friends, families and foes.

12. American Pharoah: The Untold Story of the Triple Crown Winner's Legendary Rise by Joe Drape

Written by an award-winning New York Times sportswriter, American Pharoah is the definitive account not only of how he accomplished the Triple Crown -- but how he changed the lives around him.

11. The Tragic Secret Life of Jayne Mansfield by Raymond Strait

Marilyn Monroe's biggest rival, Jayne Mansfield, had a drive for success and overpowering need to be loved that led her into numerous affairs with rich and powerful men -- including President John F Kennedy. (She also hatched an ultimately successful plan to become pregnant by Nelson Sardelli because she wanted to have an Italian child.)

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10. Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend by Michael Munn

James Stewart, an actor in the Golden Age of film, was highly decorated for his bravery during his time as a bomber pilot during World War II and adored for his kindly persona. But he also had an explosive temper, complex love affairs and served as a secret agent for the FBI.

9. 18 Holes with Bing: Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad by Nathaniel Crosby and John Strege

Former professional golfer Nathaniel Crosby shares memories of the late, great Bing Crosby on the golf course, and the lessons learned about the game and life.

8. It Seemed Important at the Time: A Romance Memoir by Gloria Vanderbilt

An elegant, witty, frank, touching, and deeply personal account of America's most celebrated and fabled women includes her loves -- both great and fleeting. She describes with candor her affairs with the likes of Howard Hughes, Bill Paley, and Frank Sinatra, to name a few, and one-night stands, including one with the young Marlon Brando.

7. Lou's on First by Chris Costello and Raymond Strait

This intimate portrait of Lou Costello offers a rare look at the ascent one of the most talented comedians of all time and the personal crises he dealt with along the way.

6. Texas Tragedy: The Story of Priscilla Davis: A True Story of Money, Murder and Survival by Greg Brown

Priscilla Davis' oil heir second husband shot and killed her daughter and her boyfriend amid their divorce proceedings. She survived a gunshot wound, but her ex, T. Cullen Davis, was acquitted on all charges. Here, her lover with whom she spent her last years details her excruciating experience.

5. Paul McCartney: The Life by Philip Norman

Norman got unprecedented access to all of those around Paul McCartney and shed light on the legendary musician's upbringing, vulnerabilities and troubled relationship with John Lennon.

4. Lucy & Desi: The Legendary Love Story of Television's Most Famous Couple by Warren G. Harris

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were a dynamite on screen -- but when the cameras stopped rolling, the pair fought, screamed and threatened each other. After a particularly violent night, the pair ended their famous relationship, a love story as passionate as it was explosive.

3. The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones by Rich Cohen

The book, written by Vanity Fair contributor Rich Cohen who was on the road with the band in the '90s, is as intimate they get. Privy to the jokes, secrets and vulnerability of the iconic rock band, Cohen delivers narrative history of the Stones with authentic depth.

2. Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz

Perhaps more relevant than ever, Trump lays out his professional and personal worldview -- and how exactly he closes a deal.

1. The Magnolia Story by Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines and Mark Dagostino

This isn't your average HGTV book! The happily married stars of "Fixer Upper" offer a look into their adorable relationship -- their childhoods, wedding photos, first project together, kids and more. Plus, that time Chip ran to the grocery store and left their new, sleeping baby at home ... Oops!

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