Woman grows out her beard after decades of shaving it

Woman with Beard Beats the Bullies
Woman with Beard Beats the Bullies

Rose Geil is finally embracing her skin after 26 years of hiding behind a razor.

The 39-year-old is letting her beard grow.

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She's been struggling with her facial hair since she hit puberty.

It didn't take long for the then-teenager to decide to hide it, and shaving became part of her daily routine.

Geil tried everything to get the strange, coarse hair to stop growing — neither laser therapy nor medication worked.

She told the British talk show "This Morning" that doctors tried about a year to manage her hair growth, but it wasn't effective. Eventually, they diagnosed her with a hormonal disorder called polycistic ovary syndrome.

"It mostly affected my social life, I don't feel like my full personality was ever present, and instead of facing ridicule, I hid," Geil told "This Morning.

"I didn't participate fully in school as a young child. Even going to class on a regular basis was difficult for me. I suffered all around."

Nine months ago, everything changed. "Enough is enough," she told herself.

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