Where to buy cute sneakers under $10

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Alright guys, we're talking all about affordable sneakers today on Sensible Stylista. Personally, I don't like to sport 'em that often because I'm short - I rely on visual illusions to elongate my legs/make me feel better about myself - but I do wear them from time to time to mix things up. I can't justify splurging because I'm sensible and consider CPW (cost per wear), but I get equally cute sneakers at stores like Danice for less.

Danice sells three types of sneakers: classic tennis shoes, lace-ups, and slip-ons. I own one of each because, well, they're cute and budget-friendly! Their lace-ups & slip-ons are currently on sale HERE for $5.99, and their tennis shoes, originally $25.99, are available for $9.99 HERE. Note: half sizes aren't available, but their shoes run large so round down.

I recommend copping a pair of their tennis shoes and lace-ups! Their slip-ons are comfy, but they're a bit too thin for my taste. Honestly, I think you guys would get much better wear out of the first two. I like neutral colors so I went with gray, white, and black, but they carry a ton of other hues/prints so get your browse on STAT.

How do you guys feel about sneakers? Do you wear them on the daily or just when you're working out? Do you prefer splurging on expensive tennis shoes or buying affordable versions like me?

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