Police officer rescues tiniest fawn from road after it became too exhausted to walk

If you've ever been so tired you physically couldn't walk before, then you can probably relate to how this poor baby deer felt when it laid down, simply unable to take one more step.

The only problem is, when humans are that tired, we normally opt for a bed or couch as our resting spot.

This poor lil' guy happened to be in the middle of a high-traffic road when he decided he couldn't go on -- oh deer!

Luckily for Bambi, a kind officer was there to save the day -- and luckily for us, Facebook user Rebecca Wagner was there to capture the adorable events on video as they unfolded.

"One of our FINEST from the Columbus City Police Dept., Officer Matthew Mitchell, saved the day by rescuing this sweet fawn who apparently got confused and turned around when trying to follow Momma across the street," Wagner wrote about the incident.

"Then, she laid down in the street too tired to move."

According to Wagner, "a very sweet young lady and myself kept cars from running her over as we tried to decide what to do or who to call. Then Officer Mitchell appears out of the blue like a super hero!"

After calling a friend who knew more about handling deer, "he gently picked her up and moved her to safety where the momma could see her. We were assured that momma would go to her once she felt the coast was clear!"

Since being posted on Facebook, the touching video has been shared over 2,000 times by people who seem to share the same sentiment as Wagner.

"Thanks Matthew Mitchell!" she said in her post. "You are a ROCKSTAR in my book!"

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