OnlyOnAOL: Why Camila Alves is so very 'Yummy'

Camila Alves On "Yummy Spoonfuls"
Camila Alves On "Yummy Spoonfuls"

By: Donna Freydkin

Ask any famous mom about how she stays in shape, and you get that same rote, familiar answer: good metabolism, lots of water, and chasing after the kids.

Please, scoffs Camila Alves, who has two sons and a daughter with Oscar winner hubby Matthew McConaughey.

"I just came out of a detox-cleanse. I'm starting to shed the weight a little bit. I'm fitting into the dress. It's been a struggle for me with the three kids. With the first one, I lost the weight. With the second one, I lost the weight. With the third one -- it's there. I suck it in. I'm always looking at other women to see what they do and none of them share their real secret! It pisses me off!" she says.

We feel your pain, Camila. Especially because she's a major foodie who just launched the Yummy Spoonfuls frozen baby food line, sold at Target, with her partner Agatha Achindu. All the food is organic and flash-frozen. It's delicious. We speak from culinary first-hand experience.

Her own kids are good eaters, reports Alves, and she wants to make healthy, affordable food available to everyone.

"I just put different things in front of them. With my first, with Levi, I caught myself feeding him what I like. No. I started to give him different options and he loves all this stuff that I don't. He eats bunches of it. It's about providing them with options and seeing what they will gravitate towards," she says.

As for Livingston, he's a different kid. "My youngest, as a baby, ate every single vegetable and fruit. As he got older, he won't eat anything besides black beans. That's it. One day, he reached for the bell pepper. He took a bite. He goes, 'This belly pepper is great.'"

Now the family is based in Austin, and they love it. "It took me a minute to get used to it. We didn't plan on moving there. We were driving around one and i looked at Matthew and said, 'You want to move back here don't you?' Let's do it. It wasn't really a planned thing. Now I love it. It's a great town. We get left alone. It's a great combination of morals and religion and sports. You have great food, great music, great artists," says Alves.

Speaking of great food, Alves loves herself a meal and isn't sweating the calories. But she's proud of herself for putting her health first. "I have a butt and hips," she says. "I'm tired of the battle. It's not about looking bad or looking great. It's about when you feel your strongest and you feel your best. Nothing in my closet fit. My son is two years old. I reached that point of being sick and tired of it. I should not be wearing my pregnancy pants. So I'm really trying now."