Kellogg issues recall after peanut residue was found in flour

Kellogg Issues Recall After Peanut Residue Was Found in Flour

Kellogg has issued a recall for several cookie and brownie products over fears they may contain peanut residue without any indication on the label.

The recall was made after Kellogg flour supplier Grain Craft discovered some of its wheat flour had low levels of peanut residue.

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A list of the recalled Kellogg products is on the company's website. It includes several varieties of cookies and brownies sold under its Keebler, Famous Amos, Special K, Mother's and Murray brands.

Seventeen different Kellogg products are being recalled. The Food And Drug Administration warns that people with a severe peanut allergy shouldn't eat the products. It also said the amount of peanuts in the flour is low so it's unlikely to affect people who have less severe allergies.

Kellogg's recall comes soon after Frito Lay and Hostess recalled several projects that used Grain Craft flour.

The Hostess recall affected several of its products including Ding-Dongs and Zingers. Frito-Lay ended up recalling several different Rold Gold pretzel packages.

See the products being recalled :

Kellogg's products being recalled
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Kellogg's products being recalled
Keebler Disney's Frozen Graham snacks Cinnamon 2.2 0z cup
Keebler Disney's Frozen Graham snacks Cinnamon 12 count
Keebler E.L Fudge double stuffed sandwich cookies
Keebler Cookie Dough Minis Chocolate chip 2.5 oz
Special K Brownie Bites Fudge 6 count 
Special K Brownie Bites Blondie 6 count 
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip 2.7 oz
Keebler Grahams Gripz Cinnamon .9 0z
Keebler Gripz variety pack 14 count 
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Pecans 12.4 oz
Mother's Double Chocolate Chip Minis 12 oz
Gripz Chips Deluxe .9oz pouch
Keebler Animals Crackers 2.4oz cups
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip 12.4oz
Murray Ginger Snaps 16oz
Keebler Sandies Minis 1oz

When Hostess issued the recall earlier this month, it said it was aware of two allergic reactions related to its products, but Frito Lay and Kellogg say they aren't aware of any for theirs.

Grain Craft said at the time its recall was a result of "agricultural cross-contact, which is the result of customary methods of growing, harvesting and shipping of wheat and other agricultural products."

Grain Craft only sells products to other companies and doesn't sell anything directly to consumers. It issued the recall after Hostess discovered the peanut residue in its flour.

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