James Franco dons women's clothes in funny summer snap

James Franco Goes Retro in "11.22.63"
James Franco Goes Retro in "11.22.63"

James Franco is ready for summer.

The 38-year-old actor posted a funny pic where he's clad in a woman's floral crop top and short-shorts and titled it, "Summer is here." Franco also sported a Coachella-style flower crown on his head.

In the photograph, the thespian is smiling and is posed in front of a ton of shopping bags from Topman and Urban Outfitters. We can only assume that "The Interview" star snagged some new clothes from his reported new girlfriend.

Earlier this week Franco posted a photo of himself with his arm around a stunning lady and he joked that the news was out and he's dating a new mystery woman.

Either way, the photo is definitely one of the funniest summer snaps so far this season. What do you think of Franco's flower power?

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