Here's what the Sassafras tea and cotton swab enthusiast from 'Zoey 101' looks like now!

'Zoey 101' Cast: Where Are They Now?
'Zoey 101' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Nickelodeon was the quintessential channel for all teens and pre-teens in the early to mid 2000's

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With shows like "Rugrats," "Double Dare: 2000" and "Drake and Josh," it's not difficult to see why we were all obsessed with television when we were younger.

One show that stood the test of time, and the envy of many students going to school, was "Zoey 101." "Zoey" centered around Jamie-Lynn Spears' character as she moves to a new school, Pacific Coast Academy.

We started reminiscing and couldn't help but remember Stacey Dillsen, aka the girl who was obsessed with Sassafras tea and cotton swabs.

Yep, there she is.

Obviously, that got us thinking, what ever happened to her? Lucky for you, we did some digging.

Abby Wilde, who played Stacey, hasn't been up to much as of late. After taking a look at her IMDb page, Stacey's last project was in 2013 in Nickelodeon's "Sam and Cat," where she actually played the same character from "Zoey 101."

"Ira" Benefit Reading
"Ira" Benefit Reading

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MTV did catch up with the actress earlier this year, where they discussed all things "Zoey," including a fun fact about her notorious "Sassafras tea" song!

Oh to be a pre-teen in the mid-2000's!

Take a trip down memory lane in the gallery below.

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