Dog who lost his ears after a decade of abuse now has a home

Saint Bernard Cleaned with Vacuum
Saint Bernard Cleaned with Vacuum

Boris the Saint Bernard was horrifically neglected by his abusive owner.

for nine years, he had to compete with other dogs for food, and he fought for his life.

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His heroes from Cinque Ports Rescue in Meryl Garden, Eileen Mellis and Kerri Eilertsen-Feeney, took him in to get him the help he needed.

Boris' ears were so horribly damaged that he had to endure two surgeries to have his ears amputated.

Louise Herrick thought the dog was worthy of love despite his injuries, and she took him home.

She told Kent Online that her kids wanted a dog just like 'Beethoven,' so she went online looking for one.

"I was going to get a puppy but then up came Boris and I couldn't believe it," she told the outlet. "I read his story and just thought this is the dog for us."

In addition to being Boris' hero, Herrick is a foster mom and a mother of four children.

She brought Boris into her full house and said he fit into the family perfectly. Herrick said Boris is very calm -- something you might not expect from a dog his size.

The family takes the special dog around on trips, and Herrick told Kent Online that he's a bit of a celebrity in their village.

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