5 easy, healthy and delicious meals to rely on every week

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When it comes to cooking for myself, I have a few rules I abide by – whatever I make has to be quick to be assembled, delicious, healthy and be something, ideally, I can stock up on the ingredients for and make a few times a week.

Working from my own office, I have at least two thirds of my meals at home. Here are a few of the recipes I rely on week in week out, which are easy, healthy and delicious everyday meals.

Breakfast oats

Almond Milk Oats | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Via my Instagram @MonicaBeatrice

Ingredients (for my version): Gluten free oats, almond milk, raspberries, flaked almonds, chia seeds, honey or maple syrup.

As I mentioned in this post, I've recently been seeing a personal trainer for a few ad hoc sessions. My trainer took a look at my diet and said that it was mostly good, though one thing he felt I could look to cut out was granola. Now I know that some of you may be thinking "obviously – it's loaded with sugar – knows everyone ever" – but guys, I honestly thought I was opting for the lowest-sugar most natural versions I could find . . . yet, yet . . . apparently it was still loaded with sugars and therefore getting my day off on a sugar high. Leading to a sugar crash and all that good stuff . . . 😝!

OK so oats it is! Luckily, I was told that simple oats are one of the best breakfasts you can have, and so I begrudgingly gladly swapped out my granola for oats.

Here's exactly how I eat mine:

  • 4 x tbsp Tesco's gluten free oats + almond milk, I pour enough to cover the oats and a bit more
  • 2 minutes in the microwave.
  • Handful of raspberries – my VERY favourite.
  • 1 x tsp of chia seeds.
  • A sprinkling of flaked almonds.
  • A sprinkling of cinnamon.
  • Sometimes a little maple syrup or honey.

Altogether – YUM!

OK so that's breakfast, I eat that five days out of seven normally.

Avocado on toast

Simple Avocado On Toast | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Via my Instagram@MonicaBeatrice

Ingredients: Sourdough toast, butter, avocado, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, olive oil. Eggs and streaky bacon on occasion.

All in all I'd say I am a pretty lazy yet enthusiastic cook. I actually LIKE to cook, I just don't like it to take long. Hence avocado on toast is sent from heaven.

I like to buy one quality loaf of sourdough bread every week, and stock up on avocados which feel a little soft when you press them in at the sides – these 'little bit soft but not super squishy' guys are the best!

I use a spoon to remove the avocado flesh from the skin, and use a fork to break the avocado down. I keep pressing until it becomes smoother and smoother, I add a little olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and a few chilli flakes to taste.

I toast the bread, add butter and layer the avocado like a spread.

OMG I could eat this every day. And um, mostly I do.

I like to add eggs and/or streaky bacon into the mix too when I fancy it.

Such an easy, delicious and healthy recipe which I literally NEVER tire of.

Fish and greens

Salmon Salad | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Via my Instagram@MonicaBeatrice

Ingredients: Your choice of fish – I like salmon and sea bass, your choice of greens – I like spinach, kale and asparagus, a side of wild rice or quinoa. The recipe shown above (full version here) uses charlotte potatoes too.

I love fish. I love its taste. And I love that it is quick to cook (do you detect a theme by now . . . !) and that it's healthy too.

My favourite types of fish to cook at home include salmon or sea bass fillets. I tend to steam salmon, and pan fry sea bass.

I then buy whichever green vegetables I fancy and steam them too – spinach, kale and asparagus are making the rounds right now.

I also like to add a little wild rice or quinoa on the side – it helps keep me full! When it comes to these I am again, lazy, and so I often use the microwave pouches – sometimes I use the microwave as intended, and other times I actually still cook the packets in a pan – it is just as quick but I think tastes a little nicer.

Fresh chicken salad

Simple Chicken Salad | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Via my Instagram@MonicaBeatrice

Ingredients: 2 x chicken breasts, salad leaves – I like, watercress, spinach and rocket, cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado, cucumber, insert-whatever-else-you-like-to-put-into-a-salad. The image above is of an XXL salad/picnic hybrid Oli rustled up.🙌🏼

OK so this is actually a salad which Oli tends to make, as he has the patience to cook the chicken. He'll buy a couple of fresh chicken breast fillets from our local butchers and roast them for 30 minutes on a bed of cherry tomatoes – this step is critical (I have been informed) to keeping the chicken tender.

I like to make the salad bit, and I keep it kind of messy – as seen here – a mix of leaves (watercress, spinach and rocket normally), avocado (yes again!), finely chopped red onion, cucumber, tomatoes and whatever is knocking around our fridge/the green grocer's all goes in.

For a dressing I like olive oil, lemon and balsamic glaze (note – not balsamic vinegar – the glaze is much sweeter and more like a syrup).

Egg Something

Simple Delicious Eggs On Toast | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Via my Instagram@MonicaBeatrice

Ingredients: Eggs and . . . something.

Eggs are one of those ingredients that are ALWAYS good to have to hand.

I eat a version of eggs a few days a week, and whip them up in to whatever guise I fancy. Sometimes that's scrambled eggs with a slice of sourdough toast and avocado (ref – avocado toast ☝🏼), sometimes that's baked eggs where I crack a few in to a frying pan, layer them with vegetables and tomatoes and pop a lid on top, and sometimes that's boiled and chopped in to an easy salad.

We are rarely without these fellas.

OH and if you have any leftovers, bubble and squeak is HEAVEN.

Which recipes do you guys rely on week in week out? Overall mine tend to be fresh, easy to assemble and relatively healthy. I'd love to know of any you have up your sleeve too! I am always looking for fresh meals to put together! You can check out more healthy recipe ideas on my Pinterest board: FOOD|HEALTHY RECIPES

P.S. guys I'm now on Snapchat! You can find me: MonicaBeatriceW

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