4 ways to tell if someone is lying

4 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying
4 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying

By: Amanda Kabbabe/Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

Some say the average person tells between 10 and 200 lies a day.

If that's true, it's important to take a second and learn about all the different signs to look out for to detect a liar.

The author of the book, "The Language of Lying," may be able to help.

He says liars often speak in the third person when they're referring to themselves in order to create distance. For example, they'll say, "the cake has been eaten by someone!" instead of, "I didn't eat the cake."

Liars also tend to be more negative, most likely because they subconsciously feel guilty. In the cake scenario, they take it to the extreme and say something like, "I wouldn't eat that gross cake."

They also simplify things they're lying about to ensure they remember their fake stories about eating people's cake. Yes, experienced liars know better than to let things snowball.

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Though, the expert liars will take it even further. They'll use long sentences to confuse people so they get to have their cake and eat it too.

So, with this knowledge, you may not be eligible to be Olivia Benson's next partner on SVU, but you may be able to keep track of your cake a little better.