3 things we approve: Vegas, praying for Game 7, trick shots

AP: The NHL is Heading to Vegas
AP: The NHL is Heading to Vegas

It's much more enjoyable to talk about the things you enjoy than the things you dislike, right? Right. So before your Wednesday gets started, here's a quick rundown of sports things that caught our eyes.

First up, there's going to be puck in Sin City!

Following the end of the 2015-16 NHL season with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup, the NHL announced big news that will surely shake up the league: Vegas beat out a bid from Quebec City to host an expansion team.

Having another franchise only two hours and 40 minutes away from the Montreal Canadiens would make no sense. It'd be like the Brooklyn Nets thinking they can steal fans from the New York Knicks -- but worse.

Here's the sobering part for Vegas, though. Normally, expansion teams are beyond horrible, as the roster is comprised of players other clubs felt were expendable.

Sorry, Vegas. You won yesterday, but you won't be winning many games for a bit.


Nevertheless, it's exciting for a big tourist spot to get even better. For that, we'll give it a thumbs up. 👍

Next up, we have the NBA Finals. Apparently the Cavaliers are favored to win Game 6, which is a good thing because it'd be amazing theater to watch these two teams duke it out in a decisive Game 7.

There's so much at stake. Here's seven reasons to pray for Game 7.

1) The Warriors are trying to avoid putting an asterisk next to their historic season.

2) Draymond Green is praying his suspension doesn't become the scapegoat for a collapse.

3) Stephen Curry doesn't want to deal with injury questions all summer and if things would've been different had he been 100 percent.

4) LeBron is desperately trying to fulfill his promise to Cleveland.

5) LeBron is desperately trying to fulfill his promise to Cleveland.

6) LeBron is desperately trying to fulfill his promise to Cleveland.

7) Kevin Love doesn't want to become Public Enemy No. 1.

Game 6 should be fun and Game 7 should be even more exciting, should we get to that point. It already gets a thumbs up. 👍

This guy.

We've watched this 1,000 times already this morning. How on EARTH does this disc golfer sink an 850-foot shot that seems to defy physics?

Incredible. He definitely deserves a thumbs up. 👍

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