Why "Raising the Bar" is a must-see film this summer

Disney fans, prepare to see Kelli Berglund like you've never seen her before. The young actress who made a name for herself on the hit series "Lab Rats" has recently shifted her acting gears for her new film "Raising the Bar." The feature follows 16-year-old Kelly (played by Berglund), an ex-gymnastics pro, who attempts to get back into the game after moving to Australia. Throughout the film, Kelly tries to move forward with her life while also making amends with her past.

Fans of "Lab Rats" will be in for a real treat. Berglund not only flexed her acting skills on set, but she also did most of her own stunts, making "Raising the Bar" a must-see film this summer.

We recently sat down with the young actress to talk about her newest film, what went into developing her "Raising the Bar" character, and what her relationship is like with her fans!

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What was filming "Raising the Bar" like for you?
I filmed that in Australia last year! It was great. It was crazy since I had never been there before. I played a gymnast in the film and I grew up doing a little bit of gymnastics so that helped a little bit. I did a lot of my own stunts which you will see in a film. But they also brought in an Olympic gymnast from Australia so I didn't break my neck. It was hard because I had to do a lot of acrobatics everyday, so that was challenging. But I did play a very real character -- plus her name was Kelly which was cool! It was really fun and awesome to be a part of a film like that.

What was it like developing your character in the film?
Basically, in the film my character was an ex-gymnast. So she was winning medals all the time but then she had an accident so she was taking it really hard. And her mom had to move to Australia for work and she's trying to fit in. She doesn't know anyone and she shows up on the first day of school in the wrong uniform so it's a big disaster. She befriends girls who are in gymnastics and they're trying to make the elite team, so that's her entry back into the sport. She starts training with them and a lot of it is about teamwork. It also was about believing in yourself too.

You've also dabbled in the fashion industry. What was it like creating your capsule collection with The Style Club?
We wanted the collection to be winter, but not with the typical winter colors. We wanted to keep it really frosty because nowadays I think you can make pink edgy. So we wanted a lot of the pieces to be very versatile, so we had frosted pinks and light blues, blacks, and lots of different colors that you don't think would work all the time, but the designs do. I wanted the collection to look really high-end, with luxurious textures and fabrics, but bring that into a more affordable collection. We sat for hours working out the designs and were amazed by how it turned out.

Do you see more fashion collaborations in your future?
I love fashion so I could see that for sure. And I've grown to love new things about fashion and I've understood how I like trend-wise. I've grown a lot in the past few years, so I could see myself doing a collaboration with a makeup line. I love makeup and that's something I'm super passionate about. I love being creative.

You have a lot of fans on social media. How has that changed how you operate as an actor?
I mean it's more accessible than ever to speak to them. If Hillary Duff had a Twitter when I was 12 years old I'd be tweeting her everyday. It's crazy the way that fans can now interact with their favorite people. A lot of the time when I'm responding to fans on Twitter, I notice the same fans Tweeting at me and I love talking to them. I know them all by name and it's really cool. It's such a great way to interact with them and they can directly tell me how they're feeling. It's so awesome because I support them just as much as they support me.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusives on Kelli Berglund, click here.

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