Warthog and Rottweiler are best friends

Warthog and Rottweiler are Best Friends
Warthog and Rottweiler are Best Friends

By: Amanda Kabbabe/Gillian Pensavalle

Sometimes, the most unlikely pair can make the best of friends. This couldn't be more true when it comes to the warthog who became best buds with a Rottweiler.

It all happened in South Africa at Daktari, a bush school and wild animal orphanage. At Daktari, students are educated about the environment, and learn how to care about it.

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It was there where Piggy the warthog and Nikita the puppy became fast friends. The two immediately took a liking to one another and are now bonded for life.

The unlikely duo found comfort in each other and quickly became inseparable. Over their years together at Daktari, their friendship blossomed.

Since then, Piggy has been released to a local preserve, where he is faring well. Nikita remains at Daktari, and while she likely still misses Piggy, she has continued to make friends wherever she goes.

Hopefully the two can be reunited and join forces on a "Timon and Pumbaa"-style project.

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