This baby and pup are monkey see, monkey do

Baby And Puppy Twirl For Treats

What's better than a video of puppies and babies? Puppies and babies doing cute things together.

This video from America's Funniest Home videos shows the bond between two best friends. In it, the puppy is performing some tricks in hopes for a treat. The baby hops in to join his best friend, but ends up stealing the spotlight instead!

Scroll through to see cute photos between kids and their puppies:

Dogs and kids
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This baby and pup are monkey see, monkey do
Girl tells all to her little Chihuahua.
Girl and her pooch enjoy the sea breeze.
Girl and her white, fluffy pup look like they are ready for their first modeling gig.
Girl and her Corgi enjoy the freedom of summer.
Boy and his dog peek out the window.
Crawling baby and dog have a staring contest.
Girl and her Hungarian Viszla share a serious moment.
Girl and her dog love the open road.
Little girl gives a doggy manicure.
This dog doesn't mind getting a little wet.
This dog wants you to get on his level.
Big dog, tiny baby.
This dog wants in on the spaghetti action, and who could blame him?
Even dogs like to take part in dress-up time.
This Dachshund pup just likes to cuddle.
This kid knows he can always lean on his dogs for support.
This girl just wants to share something sweet, but her dog just isn't having it.
Don't we all just love the dog days of summer?
This kid has one tolerant dog.
Like owner, like dog.
Boy and his dog play with a soccer ball.
Little girls aren't the only princesses.
This little guy needs a lot of love.
Say hello!
Tongue out, don't care.
A little sun goes a long way.
This little girl can't get enough of this little puppy.
This six-month-old gets a big greeting.
This baby loves her puppy.
When you cry, I cry!
These two are enjoying a summer day side by side.
This three-year-old girl is having fun with her Pomeranian.
This puppy and girl love to hang out.
It's naptime!
This kid loves to tend to her pug.
This puppy is ready for a walk!
This dog puts a smile on her face.
Young boy and pet dog run together on the beach.
This little dog loves the fall.
Boy with dog sitting on a fence.
A little girl dresses her puppy in a tutu.
This girl and puppy are totally curious about each other.

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