Minnesota man misses flight, sues airport for just over $500

How to Beat Long TSA Lines
How to Beat Long TSA Lines

There's nothing worse then getting to the airport and seeing an impossibly long line at the security checkpoint.

These days, it seems as though the only safe way to avoid late check-ins and missed flights is to allow for hours at the airport before your scheduled flight. After all, there's nothing you can really do if you miss a flight short of book another.

But Hooman Nikizad thinks otherwise, and he's suing the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on account of long security lines and a missed flight.

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Nikizad is suing the airport for just over $500, citing the cost of a new flight and transportation fees as his rationale due to flight he missed in March that he blames on lack of adequate security officers at TSA and the use of only one body scanner.

His claim states:

"The defendants' failures cost me a new a new flight ticket and multiple transportation costs to and from the airports."

Nikizad insists that he arrived at the airport two hours before his flight and missed said flight after waiting an hour and a half in security.

TSA didn't respond to CNN Money for comment.

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