J.R. Smith gets in altercation with teenager (Video)

Cavs Capitalize on Draymond Green Suspension for Game 5 Win
Cavs Capitalize on Draymond Green Suspension for Game 5 Win

In what was a minor story that flew under the radar this season, a teenager claimed that Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith choked him during an altercation back in November, over a reported joke the teenager made toward Smith about getting traded from New York.

On Monday, Deadspin was able to uncover video and surveillance footage of the incident between Smith and the teenager.

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In the video, the two teenagers continue to heckle Smith over and over while daring him to do something so they can make some money. Smith doesn't appear to strike them as they claim and brushes off of them as his friend pulls him away.

This video is good evidence that Smith didn't do anything wrong in the situation and it's clear that the teenagers were trying to provoke the guard into doing something stupid that could have cost him. It also reinforces why chargers weren't made against Smith in the incident.

Luckily for Smith, he had a friend that was smart enough to pull him out of the situation and that was that. As for the teenagers, it was a good attempt to get some money, but the video told the truth of the situation.

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