Gladiator groomsmen make the internet's jaws drop

Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses
Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses

A group of scantily clad groomsmen in Singapore, China, are causing a stir on social media.

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Zachary Lee, 25, and friends went to pick up Lee's bride on his wedding day wearing Spartan costumes -- and it was quite a site to see!

While the costumes may have drawn in quite a bit of attention, the group's killer bods stole the show.

"They will win if they all charge in to grab the bride and nobody can stop them. The bridesmaids will let them thru. Heehee.." one Facebook user wrote.

"I also wanna wash my clothes using those abs haha," another user posted.

Lee and his friends were participating in a Chinese tradition known as gatecrashing, according to Mashable.

The groom and his entourage are supposed to cause a spectacle when picking up the bride on the couple's wedding day, before they head off to play games with the bridesmaids.

It's safe to assume the bridal party probably had an awesome time hanging out with these handsome hunks!

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