ESPN columnist delivers an emotional message after Orlando shooting

Orlando Killer Was Known to FBI
Orlando Killer Was Known to FBI columnist Israel Gutierrez publicly came out as gay in a September blog post, just ahead of his marriage. On Monday's episode of Around the Horn, the 38-year-old delivered an emotional message in light of the horrific shooting in Orlando last weekend.

In full, here's Gutierrez's speech:

"This is my first June, my first pride month as an openly gay man, proud and married man. And Fort Lauderdale Pride is coming up this week and I've never been more scared, but it's never meant more to me. And me and my husband will be in attendance, we'll be defiant Americans and we'll stand there for our brothers and sisters that we lost this weekend."

It was a truly powerful and emotional 30-second bit from the writer, who has appeared on the show since 2008. You can hear in his voice how truly affected he was by the horror in Orlando, and how badly he wants to help make a difference among the LGBT community.

Hats off to Gutierrez not only for taking a brave stance as a gay man in sports, but for so badly wanting to make a difference.

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