Eight ways to get luscious lashes without using mascara


We all know that fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but beauty trends can be a little bit harder to pin down, and they tend to last longer once they make it big.

In retrospect, they're pretty visible. The '60s, for example, were all about big, big eyes, nude lips, and bouncy, sleek hair, like Nancy Sinatra in 1966. The '90s, in contrast, were the moment for dark lips, pale skin, and artfully messy locks.

Right now, we're living in the moment of an ultra-minimal lifestyle and adjacent makeup look. It's all about applying makeup so naturally that we end up looking like the very best versions of our normal selves.

Needless to say, the effort involved in such a project is anything but "minimal."

Fortunately, there is a great way to game the system. If you have long and luscious eyelashes, you hardly need a drop of makeup on your face; your striking, lash-fringed eyes will carry the whole look.

Best of all, you don't even need mascara to achieve the look. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to cultivate voluminous natural lashes that will make you look like you just stepped off the page of a magazine.

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Secret #1: Curl Your Lashes

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The first and easiest step is to curl your eyelashes. Sure, it's part of a cosmetic routine, but the difference here is that you won't apply a coat of mascara once you're done curling.

Simply grasp your lashes in the curler and pulse gently five or so times.

This won't actually add length, but it will curl your eyelashes up and away from your eyes, opening up your eyes and making them look bright and sparkly!

Secret #2: Swipe On Vaseline

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Next, in lieu of mascara, try applying a little bit of Vaseline to a clean mascara wand.

Vaseline will temporarily make your lashes appear longer and darker, and will also help in the long-term by conditioning and moisturizing your lashes.

Dry lashes get brittle and break, but healthy, conditioned lashes will be able to grow longer, thicker, and stronger.

Secret #3: Keep Them Clean

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Of course, no matter what you put on your eyelashes, you should remove it at the end of the day.

It's always a good idea to clean off your makeup before bed, and this is especially true of your lashes, which may bend and stretch under the weight of heavy eye makeup.

Liberate your lashes by patting your lids gently with a cleansing pad, and blinking lashes rapidly against the pad. Never pull at your lashes to clean them.

Secret #4: Don't Pull Or Rub

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Which leads us to our next point: whenever possible, avoid rubbing your eyes and pulling at your eyelashes.

Whether it's a bad habit or your natural response to an irritation, both of these actions put strain on your eyelash follicles.

These behaviors will make lashes fall out, and may discourage them from growing back.

Instead, next time you feel like rubbing your eye, gently hold you eye open (by the lid, not the lashes) and flush with lukewarm water.

Secret #5: Apply Oil

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Much like coating your eyelashes with Vaseline, a drop or two of oil can really boost the health and strength of your lashes by moisturizing them all throughout.

With oil, pick something like cold-pressed castor or olive oil that's rich in vitamin E and other nutrients.

Apply just a drop or two at the base of your eyelashes to nourish the follicle.

Secret #6: Reach For Green Tea

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Lots of people already know that green tea is an anti-inflammatory that can work wonders on puffy eyes and under-eye bags.

Turns out, putting green tea compresses over your eyes may also be working wonders for your lashes.

As the tea reduces puffiness, it's also improving blood circulation, enhancing the health of your follicles and make sure that plenty of nutrients are making it to your lash line.

Secret #7: Eat Vitamins E And B

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As we noted earlier, vitamin E is a bit of a miracle cure when it comes to hair health.

The nutrient can be found in dark leafy greens, avocados, nuts, and seeds, and works wonders for healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin B complex, on the other hand, is important for lots of things — but B7, also known as biotin, is incredibly useful for promoting healthy hair and nail growth, and can be found in nuts, grains, egg yolks, and many kinds of lean meat.

Secret #8: Load Up On Fatty Acids

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Fatty acids show up in fish like salmon and tuna, natural oils, nuts, beans, leafy greens and avocados.

They tend to naturally occur alongside vitamins B and E , which is good news for those of us working on achieving longer lashes through diet.

The healthy fats in these foods work in tandem with vitamins and micronutrients to make your whole body healthier, and to stimulate higher metabolism and hair growth.

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